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What's it all about?

According to its founder Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, Anada Marga is the Path of Bliss and if found and followed through a regime of Tantric Yoga, amongst other things, leads to the perfect balance of all life-systems. And that does mean all life-systems.

This is the teaching and ultimate understanding of the dynamic social philosophy that Prabhat called Neo-Humanism which naturally and finally, led on to something called Microvita.
This was to be P R Sarkarís personal Grand Unification Theory because microvita are, according to Sarkar, emanations of pure consciousness and this pure, even divine, consciousness links all things together. That is All Things.

And as that makes all animate and inanimate things part of the one great whole, all man has to do is to realise that the Path Of Bliss leads to nothing less that universal enlightenment for the whole world.


Roots:Tantric Yoga: a mix of good-for-you-science and logical philosophy
Location:HQ is the Gurukula Education Movement at Anandanagar, India
Top God:The Pure Consciousness, probably
Running Time:Approx. 50 years (From 1955).
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