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Who is God: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Faith Business But Were Too Confused To Ask
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What's it all about?

      Christian belief says there is only One True God and that he (yes - HE) created absolutely everything we know (and absolutely everything we don't know).

      His first and greatest gift, allegedly, was that of love but the rest of his gifts were a bit more like commandments, and over the last few thousand years the One True God has used various prophesies, assorted miracles and an expendable personal representative to try and explain these simple gifts to selected members of the human race.
      Without success.

      Although the Church of England cannot claim a monopoly on Christian faith, its easy going attitude toward the commandments and the unshakeable belief that their God is in love with every human on the planet offers a nice cosy belief with no guilty feelings.   This is a God, they say, with no beginning and no end.
      A God, they say, who is everywhere, sees everything and loves everyone and everything.   And for the star prize - promises life everlasting.
      They say.


Roots:Judaism (before, during and after Christ, admitted). Zoroastrianism (denied). Early Celtic Christian (ignored). Catholic Christian (St Augustine 597). The Reformation (31st Oct 1517). And lastly, Anglicanism (Henry VIII in 1533).
Location:Originally: England, with the Reformation. Now: Trying to remain World-Wide.
Top God:God, the Christian one.
Running Time:Approximately 1500 years.
Status:Orchestrating their own demise.
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