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The Ananda Marga Movement likes to think of itself as a kind of spiritual renaissance and from its base in Northwest India and Bengal it now has followers in over 150 countries. It does good deeds where foul deeds have been done and offers help and relief to those less fortunate.
And in the great hunt for The Grand Unifying Theory of Everything, Sarkar’s microvita do answer a lot of questions. If there actually were such a ‘force’ or ‘pure consciousness’ linking everything together then all the established sciences would face some very fundamental changes.

The Ananda Marga are not the first to suggest the pantheistic doctrine of Divine Essence producing the efflux that we call humanity but if there is any chance that the Path of Bliss leads to universal enlightenment, then exactly what the force is, what it wants, who or what is controlling it and most importantly, why are questions that remain not only unanswered but unasked.

  • Godulike has no hesitation to add – in full – the following from RH (or possibly Elaine). These comments have also found their way to our FEEDBACK section. So from the irritated RH (or possibly Elaine)……
    Let's be clear. This site hasn't one iota to do with research, comparative religion, or anything based in facts. Irreverence has its place - Swami Beyondananda is hilarious. Sadly, you are not. You seem to be oblivious of the huge distinction between mocking (which is mean-spirited, based in ignorance, and nothing but an angry reaction to what is not understood) and true humor. It's when a humorist understands something about human nature and the world we live in that s/he can make us laugh.
    The distortions, allegedly based on facts, on this site are pathetic. You're ‘investigating’ whether or not ‘claims’ that Ananda Marga is a tantric path are true? Do you have your head up your .?? If you had any grasp whatsoever of true tantra (as it originated with Shiva, and not as it is often mistakenly presented in the west), and if you had actually done substantial research into the ideology and practices of Ananda Marga (or anything else on your site), and the life, work, and teachings of Anandamurti, THEN you'd be entitled to an informed opinion. Until then, you're spewing ignorance galore. Spew away, if you will, but please delete the word ‘research. and ‘investigate’ from your vocabulary! And include a caveat that most of what you state is completely fabricated.

  • Godulike says: just goes to show….

  • Godulike thanks Gowri Shankar who tells us that:
    Ananda is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates as bliss; it refers to the inexpressible joy that one who has experienced Brahman (again loosely translated as the supreme reality) experiences. 'Ananda Marga' means the path of bliss, & Ananda Murti, the embodiment of bliss.
    Anyone who understands Hindi or any of its dialects would understand its meaning, and it is not an uncommon Hindu name, including that of Gautama's prominent disciple. Ananda Murti therefore did not have to go back to Buddhism for his, or his movement's, name.

  • Godulike says: Thank you, and we have made some amendments.

  • Godulike thanks Reba for telling us that:
    …… P. R. Sarkar meditated and followed a yogic lifestyle from childhood. He initiated his first Ananda Margi at age 18.

  • Godulike thanks Raven Reeves for the following:
    I would like for you to also know that the Ananda Marga take care of their own. A true story that My teacher told me that he had heard from his Dada in Seattle: ‘There was a couple that was Ananda Marga, One night the husband came home and beat his wife. Word got to the other members of the Ananda Marga, they went to his house and told him ‘We love you, we don’t want to hurt you, but you need to learn an important lesson'. They put him in the hospital and made his beating much worse than what the wife received from her husband. What other belief system do you know that protects and TRULY teaches its members like that?
    *Also one thing that you forgot to mention about P.R. Sarkar is that while he was imprisoned he did not eat. He COULD NOT EAT the men contaminated his food, faeces, urine, and shards of glass, were in his food that he was given all he had was water, and meditation, and when he was finally set free he broke his fast with a glass of lemon water, and later a small bowl of white rice.

  • Godulike says: Thank you for the information.

  • Godulike thanks, Visnu and one particular contributor who would like to remain anonymous.
  • Godulike thanks Visnu (again) for pointing out that the Ananda Marga do not have their origins in Buddhism.

  • Godulike appreciates comments from Prabhata Mcgowran regarding more details of microvitum / microvita: The Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor and when we receive permission we will post the link to (his) site for more information.

  • Godulike thanks an anonymous contributor for pointing out that:
    'Yama and Niyama are not methods of meditation but ten principles of ethics which are not original to Ananda Marga but have their origins in classical yoga.'
    Also for saying '.and without these ethics principles, it is not possible to really practice meditation. These were amongst the first teachings first given to Anandamurti's disciples in 1955.
  • Godulike has made amendments.

  • Godulike thanks C. Panwar for the following:
    ‘I would like to inform you that your 'research' on Ananda Marga is quite inaccurate. It is not a form of Buddhism, but a Tantra Yoga Society. Yoga predates Buddhism by quite a few thousand years. Ananda is a common Sanskrit word and used to denote one of three main lineages of monks in Indian tradition.
    Further, the yoga poses are actually not difficult compared to the ever more popular in the West Bikram or Ashtanga yoga.
    Finally, Shri Shri Ananda Murti was acquitted of all charges after the end of the Emergency period.

  • Godulike agrees (again) that Ananda Marga should not be confused with Buddhism. We are aware of the fortuitous acquittal and we are investigating claims that Ananda Marga is in fact a Tantra Yoga Society.

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  • Roots:Tantric Yoga: a mix of good-for-you-science and logical philosophy
    Location:HQ is the Gurukula Education Movement at Anandanagar, India
    Top God:The Pure Consciousness, probably
    Running Time:Approx. 50 years (From 1955).
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