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Who is God: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Faith Business But Were Too Confused To Ask

What's This?

This is where you shake your head and wonder 'Why on earth do they bother?'

Well here are just a few of the many statistics that we can offer:

The average number of visitors who come to the site every day

The average number of page impressions the site receives every day

To date: The number of articles that have appeared in our forums27633

To date: The number of registered users to our forums920

To date: The number of links to other sites373

To date: The number of Cool Quotes that have been submitted141

To date: The number of good folks that have made a donation8

Our Outgoings Our income
Initially this was the research, writing and site set-up.
Now we have continuing maintenance.
Network connections and further upgrades.
More artwork and future games

We do not include:
Time to write the book God U Like
Time spent on site work
And further research on new chapters

Our income comes only from your donations and a small commission from book sales.

We do not carry direct advertising for others and apart from reciprocal links we cannot afford advertising of our own.

Godulike thanks all those who have made donations. We rely on your support.

Costs of site setup$5,500.00
Costs of artwork$650.00
Costs of initial connections$1,000.00
Yearly maintenance (Technical)$600.00
Yearly maintenance (Administration)$400.00
Yearly maintenance (Moderators)$850.00
Estimated costs of upgrades (by year)$500.00
Glen RApril 2003$10.00
Glen RApril 2003$10.00
Edward MMay 2003$16.00
Edward MMay 2003$16.00
Donna McMNovember 2003$10.00
Eric KJanuary 2004$10.00
Ian HFebruary 2004$10.00
Kevin AFebruary 2004$30.00
David LMarch 2004$30.00
Carolyn MJuly 2004$5.00
Jessica NAugust 2004$25.00
PaulSeptembet 2004$20.00
 Sub total:$147.00
 Commission from Amazon Book Sales:$47.34
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This is an amazing website for anyone wanted to explore their faith. It has been recreated and rebirthed by HistoryX