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Who is God: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Faith Business But Were Too Confused To Ask
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Submitted by Cathy
Too funny! I am a christian, and laughed all the way through this site. I will be back!

Submitted by Haydn
I think that the site is really great.
Have you thought about mapping this all out in some kind of tree type diagram.
At the top it would should the original roots of the various religions, and then as you move down the page it would show the branches and how they have developed over the years.
I would also suggest that you publish it in book form on an annual basis similar to the Zagats guide - may be you could convince hotel chains to place it with the Gideons bible.
Otherwise, a great site !

Submitted by John S
I think your link tagline sums it up perfectly.   In fact I have no connection with ********** other than having done a couple of their courses.
One of my friends has become rather obsessed by it which led me to suggest it as a "religion" but in fact I think you're right that it is not a faith - just another self development "cult" which some people get sucked in to.  No doubt they'd sue me for saying such a thing !
Thanks for a great website - really enjoyed browsing it...

Submitted by Anon
To the guy who wrote this stupid and unhelpful website. I think that perhaps you need to try and be a little more objective and not so horribly sarcastic.   These people died and simply because they were a little misguided, it does not give you the right to sneer at what they believed in and how they lived their lives.
While it is true that these events were tragic, perhaps you should look at the way that you live and realise that not all of your decisions and beliefs are right or understood by the majority of society.

Submitted by DELADEM

Submitted by John B
The effort is appriciated.   The power of comparitive religion is that is present those ways of thought in a free forum that would otherwise be met with tention and superiority.
The best class I ever took in college was a comparative religion class.   Afterwords I saw Zen Buddism as a good choice and direct path to self fullfullment.
My practice was started well and moved my life and consciousness into a wonderfull direction.   This was years ago, and now today your sight has helped me to again focus on a most efficient practice of self realization.
Thank you.

Submitted by Anonymous from New York
I loved reading your just-so-gingerly sarcastic and wonderfully informative introductions of various religions in the world.

Submitted by G. S.
Thank you very much. I am very happy with how fast you reply. I am doing a research essay and I am sure i can use your site as credible source due to all your research and efforts put into it. Thanks for the changes and Good Luck!!!!

Submitted by G. A.
I am surprised that you could not find more websites. When was this research done? I did a quick google search for a couple that you had no links to and found abundance. Try again.

Submitted by S. R. S.
Guess that about sums up the attitude of most people like you and me.

Submitted by E. W.
Heh, I didn't realize my contribution would be, well, utilized.   That is, I didn't know it would appear on the site verbatim.
It's kinda cool. I feel, I dunno, smart or useful, or something.

Submitted by D. H.
Thanks for all of your hard work.   This is a great source of information and inspiration.

Submitted by R. H.
I’ve just discovered your website, which I like a lot.   I love the irreverence, but am not so keen on what, from my first look, appears to be its pervasive cynicism.
Religion, whether we like it or not, has played – and continues to play – a profound role in the development of all human societies and is extremely important to very many individuals.
Despite all their faults and shortcomings, religions obviously appeal to deep human and social needs, addressing questions - however inadequately - relating to the nature of reality, truth, the purpose and meaning of life, and right behaviour (morals).

Submitted by O.S. (Possibly M)
I just wanted to say thank you for all your questioning, searching, recording and hard work.
I am doing some research and your site was a wonderful find and is really helpful.
I will make a donation when the money from the research comes in so you may have some tasty morsels to keep body and . . . whatever together.

Submitted by Tony
Wonderful, I do so enjoy your "pervasive cynicism", I will recommend this superb site to all my friends, including a couple of fine Buddhists, a Catholic Bishop, my Baptist/creationist neighbour who did'nt really understand my postcard from the Grand Canyon, and others who I hope all share a good a sense of humour! Thank you, and as Dave Allen usede to say, "May your God go with you..." kind regards

Submitted by Judith, The happy heretic
I like your site. It is happily free (at least what I checked out) from the ugly, hateful tone of too many atheist sites. And your Cool Quotes are indeed cool. Good luck - we need more like you. Link:

Submitted by Jake
Your site is one of those rare bright lights that needs to be around as long as humanity is (no joke!).   I am wondering if you guys have secured its' ability to last into the far future?   I’ll never forget your site and might be willing to help out financially at some point.

Submitted by Peter W.
Excellent work and just what's needed in these polarising times.   My children's RI grades have also improved immeasurably!

Submitted by The great deceiver
I love you all... but mostly I would to like to thank team Godulike, just for being here. I don't have a computer at home, and the forums make my workdays brighter.

Submitted by Kevin A
I think your site is excellent and very funny too.   I just wish most of God's fan club on earth could had a good sense of humour as well and stop taking themselves so damned seriously.

Submitted by Kevin A (more from our supporter)
……..I also just want to say, if I haven't said so already, that I think your website is excellent and that I look at it quite often to find out just that little bit more about the wacky, wacky world of religion and beliefs. I find it both educational and witty. It's quite obvious that the Godulike team have put years of effort into the site both in terms of researching and maintaining the content, as well as the webby-programming stuff.

Submitted by K C
I've always held a personal belief that if all people, no matter what the religion, would just live by the word of their faith...instead of picking it up and using it as a weapon against their would be great world.

Submitted by Marguerite M
Your discussion of anthroposophy is sadly flawed. The fact you portray Rudolf Steiner and Goethe as contemporaries (Goethe died in 1832!) is only the beginning of your misrepresentation of the facts. Steiner actually worked in the Goethe archives and was the editor of Goethe's Scientific Studies. In reality, anthroposophy is not a faith, nor does faith have anything to do with it. Throughout his entire career, Rudolf Steiner repeatedly told his audiences to accept nothing he said as truth until they had verified it for themselves in complete spiritual freedom. You also miss the boat when you claim anthroposophy has no effect in the world. Anthroposophically based medicine (especially efficacious cancer treatment), education (Waldorf), the arts (literature, painting, speech, drama, eurythmy*), agriculture (biodynamics), science --among others-- are all fields of endeavor active in the world. This only scratches the surface of your errors, and should send a signal to anyone who reads your assessments of this or any group that your observations are not to be trusted. You are surely entitled to your irreverence; but it should not become separated from truth to the detriment of others. "Everything you wanted to konw..."? Hardly! Try doing some real research -- you are only adding to the confusion you claim to dispel. Your ignorance is appalling.

Submitted by Purple
Your site cracks I up very funny me laugh for minutes.

Submitted by clabhdhu
There's another wee story (about Ghandi) of the time he jumped on a train as it pulled out of the station. In doing so, one sandal fell on the track. After brief thought, he quickly took the other one off and threw it after the first.

Submitted by Michael, who has a question:
If God’s plan was that man would kill Jesus Christ so God could save man. What came first? God’s plan or the commandment: Thou shall not kill…….

Submitted by Stacey
Praise the Lord!! I myself have seen the Holy Ghost!! I go to the church on top of the highest hill in West Va. God came to me while I was watching the price is right and eating a TV dinner and told me to come to this website and praise God I did. I am what you might call a holy roller but in my opinion its the best to be. God will take care of me I am one of his precious lambs…

Submitted by Winner
When things go wrong - then we worship the great lottery! We dream that a big event will come and sweep all our problems away and stay rich at the same time - (fate/Faith) Or we are planning our future retirement based on the revenues we are going to win at the Lottery - We feel so generous - yet postpone everything until the big event comes and sweep us away... A syndrome we find in many circles influenced by the New Age culture - When affected by this syndrome, heaven and hell do exist - They just haven't heard yet: God just locked the gates of Hell AND Heaven - It's packed up there. Hey - there is still work to do down here!!!!

Submitted by David L.
......also I would like to take this opportunity to tell that you that I think you have done a great job with your godulike website.   Although some entries might be a little inaccurate they are nevertheless both humorous and informative.   I haven't come across another website with such an elaborate listing and explanation of all the different religions and philosophies of the world.

Submitted by Roberta (from Michigan)
Thanks so much for this great site. Truly a fine contribution to the Internet. I look forward to learning from this site and from its forum, as long as the contributions are honest and sincere. Delighted to be here. Delighted you're here, too.

Submitted by Harry
You really are a foolish individual

Submitted by Robert
It's clear that religion is the cause of too many world problems. As an Irishman, I claim to know what I'm talking about. Great site. Should be on every clear thinking-man's web list.

Submitted by Eugene
Your site is a breath of fresh air in an ever-increasing web of bigotry and intolerance.

Submitted by Gowri S.
I do enjoy going through your site. Irreverence is a healthy corrective to many of these gurus & their disciples who are so solemn & grave that it put you off them. More power to your efforts

Submitted by Nigel D
I was checking out universalism on a friends recommendation, when I stumbled across your website (I've been having a bit of family trouble underpinned by misunderstanding about people's beliefs - you see). I was feeling glum when I arrived and within two minutes was laughing aloud. Keep doing what you're doing!

Submitted by charlie ganus
I am very much afraid for the author of this website. Apparently, you have no respect for any thing sacred or holy. May God be merciful to you.

Submitted by John Marchant
To whoever wrote this site, you should examine a few major parts of your own life and stop putting others down all the time. Very little of the facts you mention are remotely accurate and a lot of people will find this very hurtful.

Submitted by RH (or could be Elaine)
Let's be clear. This site hasn't one iota to do with research, comparative religion, or anything based in facts. Irreverence has its place -- Swami Beyondananda is hilarious. Sadly, you are not. You seem to be oblivious of the huge distinction between mocking (which is mean-spirited, based in ignorance, and nothing but an angry reaction to what is not understood) and true humor. It's when a humorist understands something about human nature and the world we live in that s/he can make us laugh. The distortions, allegedly based on facts, on this site are pathetic. You're "investigating" whether or not "claims" that Ananda Marga is a tantric path are true? Do you have your head up your ...?? If you had any grasp whatsoever of true tantra (as it originated with Shiva, and not as it is often mistakenly presented in the west), and if you had actually done substantial research into the ideology and practices of Ananda Marga (or anything else on your site), and the life, work, and teachings of Anandamurti, THEN you'd be entitled to an informed opinion. Until then, you're spewing ignorance galore. Spew away, if you will, but please delete the word "research" and "investigate" from your vocabulary! And include a caveat that most of what you state is completely fabricated.

Submitted by Helen (and Possible)
I thank Martyn too for having the courage to open so many doors for people to just wander around in all the religious beliefs and see which one might appeal to them.
Thanks Martyn. Only God knows the good you have done by presenting all the religions in Godulike that give people a chance to know what is going on in the world and people's minds about God, if there is one to them.
[Martyn is the Author of]

Submitted by Helen
It is my belief that Martyn likes me, and if he does not, then he is free to pass whatever judgment he wishes to pass on my value. He has to be a great person to have started this Godulike idea because it has branched out to many other forums where people do not fight the God idea but humbly accept that there just might be someone greater than themselves!

Submitted by ragin'glow-worm
It's sharing that's simply great! It goes beyond words we write or pictures we send, beyond whatever meaning we want to express through them. We, then, touch each other's person or mind or heart, whatever, and it's just amazing how it unleashes something within us. So we flow together in harmony or clash against each other, but it's fantastic either way! Thanks, Gul! Thanks, everyone!

Submitted by tatar
i must say I laughed out loud at some of these definitions. It think it would be good to put up somewhere prominent that this is not actually \"hard\" scientific research somewhere. Reading the commentaries, I think a few people are looking to this site as the repository of all religious knowledge, which is, of course, ludicrious... It sure is funny though!!

Submitted by Helen
I will be eternally, or maybe just mortally, thankful for the opportunities I had to share my views and be criticized so that I could look at them and see that I needed to change. I think I can now talk about God without preaching or caring if someone agrees with me. I would rather be happy than right! Don’t know you, but you are special to me because of your open-mindedness and willingness to let people be what they are - humans first, seekers and finders second. Take care and may the warmth of love always be felt in your heart because God is love........a power greater than the whole world combined.

Submitted by Casey
And I like the approach your site takes :) very refreshing.

Submitted by Robert.
Even though, I am a catholic whose family believe so much in all form of catholic dogmatism, I still believe that A Muslim is my brother, other Christians and even a traditionalist bcos what is important is the heart not the Faith or Religion. I so much appreciate your effort and I believe that this reputable, inspiring and informative site (godulike) will actually lead us towards discovering the god we will like..


This is an amazing website for anyone wanted to explore their faith. It has been recreated and rebirthed by HistoryX