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Who is God: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Faith Business But Were Too Confused To Ask


The purpose of is to take an irreverent but fair look at the whole faith industry and quite often, give a few of them a good kicking. is financed ONLY by your voluntary donations. We welcome your suggestions to the site and your comments and discussion to our forum pages.

We at have no affiliations, affinity or indeed sympathy with any of them and it is just a sad fact that behind every messiah, mullah and mountebank there is more prejudice and injustice than satisfaction and salvation.

We at have taken one of the most misunderstood, mistrusted, and downright crazy subjects that the world has had the misfortune to have to deal with and spread a good deal of it out for all to see.

We have brought over a hundred individual faiths together in the same format and offered explanations, histories, comments and the chance for you to give them the score they deserve.

Each faith offers a brief summery followed by a more detailed explanation of the chief players, their background, their philosophy and what they all think they believe in.

There follows a few comments from, the scores and then the all important forum areas for your remarks and observations.

The writing is, we hope, informative, sometimes humorous and often critical and although it has occasionally been necessary to condense certain historical events in order to maintain the flow, every effort has been made to ensure that the content is factually correct.

But hey! This is where you come in. is a truly interactive site, if you think you know better and feel the need to correct names, amend dates or modify events, you can.

After your FREE registration you can use the forums to make all the comments you like. You can reply to others and of course you change any of the scores. Over and over again.

See terms and conditions for further information.

This is an amazing website for anyone wanted to explore their faith. It has been recreated and rebirthed by HistoryX