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All links   Everything about the URC from those who should know   Discuss and Learn
https://www.synccreationinportu...   Get psychokinetically savvy (and rich) for €1500. Discounts available.   Greeting cards for free. Links for information   ISKCON looks at science, the Hare Krishna way   Search for the meaning inside yourself   Hey! If it works………
https://www.religioustolerance....   Messianic Judaism explained. At length   Spells for cash – money back guarantee   Christian Friends – More needed   Wikipedia explains Microvitum   The Wikipedia view   Anada Marga: The Berlin branch   Anada Marga explained for German speakers   Microvita – all the mysterious emanations explained   Links and news on charitable works: Donations welcome
https://www.prem-rawat-maharaj...   Objective information well presented
https://www.prem-rawat-talk.or...   Talking about Prem Rawat………   Roll up! Roll up! For the guided tour   Unitarian Universalists: European division ...   Unitarians: The UK team   Unitarians go international   Take the path to spiritual growth with Dan Wieland   Online tarot certification course with full tutor support   Online tarot certification course with full tutor support   Enquiring minds replace blind faith
https://www.taoism-directory.o...   Directory of sites with Taoist issues   Start here for all things Tao   Rick dishes it out to the cults   Reviews and comments. Good and bad   Good source of critical information   Realistic explanations   Matthew Collins tells all   All about St. Josemaría Escrivá   News and views from the home team   On the death of Angela and Ricky   New family members justify their beliefs   Spells at $75 each. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!   A worth cause to promote cultural understanding
https://   A forum for discussions of all things Hindu. Obvious really   ‘I’m really really funny’ says Steve Bhaerman. Yeh... right!   Raelian justification   The Radha Damodara Forum (plus retail outlet)   Wonder at Srila Prabhupada's wonderful achievements   With a nice welcome and a well used forum   Yvonne Aburrow, a polytheist Wiccan, explains further.   Paganism and Polytheism (very well) explained by Yvonne Aburrow   The History of Kabbalah and The Zohar   The Mystery of the Book of Zohar explained   Druids with pictures   The Druids explain Bards (nice pictures)   You question: Arthur Pendragon answers.   A list of hand-picked, specialized websites related to Jainism.   Katerina sells spells. Go on, you know you want one.   Moojan Momen explains Baha'i as a Metareligion   The dichotomy of fundamentalism and liberalism as understood by Moojan Momen   Fundamentalism explained by Moojan Momen
https://www.artechchurchinterio...   Pews for you   Shop for good stuff from Nepal, China, and Tibet   The Family: Independent and unbiased information (allegedly)   Exactly what you would expect   Answers – Christian answers   Fractals, chaos and wisdom. But not necessarily in that order   Tolerant Wiccans with an alternative message   Home of the Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca   For links to Ethical societies in the USA   Ethical questions proposed and answered
https://the-bugbear-zone.blogsp...   Just because…….   The Daughters Of Erisian Mysticism explain themselves
https://discordianism.proboards...   Forum for all good Discordians to discuss discord
http;//   Success can be yours (says George) for $39.95US   Evidence of the existence of God (say the Christians)   Information about (Christian) people and places
https://religiousmovements.lib....   Information from occupants of Spaceship Earth   News and view from Ireland   The Krishna Consciousness. UK Branch. Watford.   UK Pagans have their say   Dreaming of Freedom. Waking up to reality   Sensible looking site from sensible ex-family members   The site is a mess but the message is clear: Get Out!   Chat room for talkative Brethren   A worthwhile independent view from an ex-Scientologist   Allan W. Janssen’s attempt to get things back into perspective   Allan W. Janssen’s attempt to get things back into perspective   Proving that quotes can prove anything   Zoroastrian Heritage explained ...   Promoting the Spiritual Philosophy of Zarathushtra & Zoroastrianism.   The Religion of Mankind Restored.   For information on Kabbalah and Kabbalah products.   Much more information about Simon K. In French   Eugene D.Bell-Gam tries to answer ...   For all those in favor……………..   Elan Vital promotes the word of Prem Rawat   The Prem Rawat Foundation explained   Prem Rawat finds and explains the peace within   Even more about Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar   All about Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar   Seeking for Episcopal wisdom? Then look no further   Kadampa Buddhism explained by those who know   Solid information from those who should know   Stop seeking. Start reading   Link to love with India’s leading matrimonial site   Clint Clark supports God and exposes the perpetrators of power   The secret Identity of the Holy Spirit of God is a secret no more   Revelations according to Avatar Adi Da Samraj
https://www.montreal.anglican.o...   For a short history of the Anglican Church
https://www.montreal.anglican.o...   For a short history of the Anglican Church   Believing in making cash from belief
https://religiousmovements.lib....   Family profile   Deborah Berg (daughter of David) speaks. Unkindly   Rik Ross studies destructive cults   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
https://www.apologeticsindex.or...   The Apologetics Index has more (much more) on The Family   A new name and a new direction for The Children of God   Just say NO to bad religion and find The Truth within you   The Answer to: Who Was Nichiren?   Chabad-Lubavitch offers comprehension, knowledge and wisdom of Jewish religious philosophy   Index to more Baha’i sites   More links to even more Baha’i sites   Hundreds more links to The Bahai Faith   Frederick Glaysher opens the door to 'The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience' and hundreds of further links.   Evolution according to Michael J. Behe   Evolution according to Michael J. Behe
https://www.forbiddenarcheology...   Alternative evolution theory
https://www.forbiddenarcheology...   Alternative evolution theory   Evolution explained by the moral values Allah   Evolution explained by the moral values Allah   Evolution explained by the moral values Allah   Darwin’s theory disputed   Darwin’s theory disputed   Buy lots of cool magical stuff for a Magickal Life   Proud to be Satanists   Ask for ‘Ask And It Is Given’. A gift for $14.95   Detoxify, describe, debunk, demystify and discredit. All to the good!   Change your life all for $10 !   Quotes to satisfy both sceptics and believers   Conspiracy theories of Vedic creation
https://www.atributetohinduism....   A personal tribute and information by Sushama Londhe   David Frawley refutes the Aryan invasion   Hinduism summarised and explained. Again   Hinduism explained. At great length   For faithless freethinkers   For faithless freethinkers   With more books on God than you could ever read   Buy books and other stuff   Much more on the Plymouth Brethren   Who says they are crazy?
https://religiousmovements.lib....   For the official profile with loads of links   Well, It’s a start   Discordianism explained   For the Buddhist doctrine of kamma and rebirth [See also Nichiren Sho-shu Buddhisim]   For the Buddhist doctrine of kamma and rebirth. [See also Buddhisim]   The (Californian) Brothers of the Rose Cross have their say
https://correiorosacruz.netfirm...   The writings of Max Heindel explained   Lots and lots of Rosicrucianism stuff to think about   Science steps in where faith falters   Learn all about Islam   Explore the world of Spirituality   Islamic stuff – lots and lots of Islamic stuff – to buy   Amazing Spells for all occasions, and, amazingly, free!   For marriage and more – much more   Publications and information for The C. of C   Promoting spiritual renewal and social justice.   Browse for news and views   *For (not) disclosing the secrets:   The Key of Solomon unlocks some mysteries   More on the Sefirot   The Home Team speaks   From ape to man to god. And why not?   Help The Church of Stop Shopping to stop shopping. Irreverent, impertinent, unashamed, insightful – almost perfect!   Still waiting for information   Fun and laughter – that’s what life’s all about!   More spells for love and money
https://www.think-and-grow-rich...   You too could grow rich – for a price!
https://www.centralheightschurc...   Where people matter most   Elo? Elo? Calling occupants of interplanetary…   Revelations? They must be in there somewhere   Popular site for lively discussion
https://www.entertainment-resou...   Entertaining information from antiques to Zen   Location, location, location   Explanations; the Quaker way   Ibadism. In Arabic   Good for links to Ibadhism   Ibadism explained   Useful A to Z of all Satan’s Little Helpers   Discovering the Disciples
https://www.understanding-islam...   Explanation of Islam in the light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad through questions   Comprehensive archive of electronic texts   Fathoming the unfathomable, and doing it rather well   Everything, absolutely everything about Taoism / Daoism   Spend £20.00 on a box of tricks   Worthwhile help, chat and support for widows and widowers   From the Telegraph Group Ltd (Filed: 09/05/2023)   Many questions asked, many answers given   For opposing views on The Ahmadiyyah   More articles and opinions on things Ahmadiyyah   More, much more, on Freemasonry   The answer to ‘What is Torah?’   More on the ‘Filioque’ clause
https://www.propheticrevelation...   The Athanasian Creed. (And the bit about Arius)   The Nicene Creed (A.D. 325)   All about The Ecumenical Patriarchate Of Constantinople   Vedic philosophy and culture explained   Because anyone who can achieve a Theta Phi (in theology) deserves to be linked   Ancient and modern Catholics with Anglican perspectives   All about everything   Ageing hippy with perennial questions and some answers   Access the divine with a puja or homam   Amy Wachtel writes on Bob Marley   Start here for the master of reggae   Magickal talismans for spiritual developments. At a price.   Shop for trinkets and inspiration   Danny’s personal crusade against the J.W’s   A tentative start to things biblical   Depressed? Confused? Pray here to restore balance   Everything you wanted to know about Tarot   For information, spells, forums, shop and much more   Zodiac Messages explained by The Christian Spiritualist Association   All you wanted to know about Spiritualism but didn’t know who to ask   DIY: Course In Miracles (for cash of course)   Artful healing for those with time
https://www.whoKilledJesusChris...   And the answer is……..   Holding firmly onto the Key Of Universal Wisdom   Living proof that skeptics can find (and promote) happiness   Insight and information on things spiritual   Interesting……very interesting……   Prophetic thoughts from the prolific Mormons (C. of J.C of the L.D.S.)   To the Template Foundation (Barnet UK) and the Topaz magazine   Shop for magic stuff   Exploring the historical development of Conventional Religion as a ‘social tool to make other social tools.’   Browse for useful trivia and lol   A non-political, purely religious, international propagational movement [sic]   All about Tablighi Jamaat. The Islamic renewal movement
https://fazaileamaal.bravepages...   Site supporting Tablighi Jamaat. The Islamic renewal movement   News and views for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Presbyterians   The Laymen viewpoint from Lenior NC   Reformed Theological Seminary for theological education   Growing monastic community in Taizé France.   Presbyterians in Lawrenceville, GA   Supporting the Presbyterian cause the Covenant way   The Presbyterian message from Minneapolis, MN   First base for the New York Presbyterians   On the march from Fifth Avenue NYC   Home to the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.
https://www.reformiert-online.n...   Reformed Protestants go on-line   Ancient and sacred texts for the modern age scholar
https://   Absolutely everything you wanted to know about the A. of G.   Scientology explained. At great length
https://www.wesleyumcnaperville...   Start in Illinois, go anywhere   United, in the Methodists way   Simply LoL   Internet Infidels discuss Secular vs. Spiritual ...   More on the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam   Kutes very own store offers cool stuff for cool teens.   Link to official archives and information   Good source of dates and facts
https://restorationbookstore.or...   Books and thoughts concerning The Reorganized Church of J.C. of L.D.S.
https://restorationbookstore.or...   To Price Publishing in general and the The Reorganized Church of J.C. of L.D.S. in particular   Representing (they say) The independent Branches of Restoration RLDS   GALA is for Gay and Lesbian Acceptance   For all things gay in Kansas City   First base for all gay and lesbian links   Rambling explanations of Wicca Legends and Origin   For explanations ancient and modern   Go directly to The American Baptist Association   For The Baptist Missionary Association of America   See more from Emily: our front-page artist   Huge humorous site with verse for everything and adverse to nothing   More arguments, still no proof
Http://Over 300 Proofs of God'...   300 arguments, no proof   Good start for everything about…well..everything   Starting with ‘a’ and finishing with more zealotry than is good for anyone   Jewish answers to F. A. Q’s   The Gnostic Library and The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene   For spiritual transformation the Santeria way   Nihilism explained by those who should know   Gods? They have them all. Info, profiles and a direct line to the God of your choice   News and views from the Official Church of Satan   ‘Unificationism’ explained as only ‘they’ can   The Divine Principle explained at last   Merchandising site for books and other Moonie stuff   University studies the Sun-Moon way   News from the New York School   Good but complicated recourse site for serious students   Facts and figures for the beginner   The Home Page: and a seemingly never ending source of information on Unification   More answers to Latter Day Questions   Official starting point for all things Latter Day   Hip Hippy Hooray for a whiff of the good stuff   Start Googling for all the links: Obvious, really   Sabrina comes back again and again and again……..   Biblical answers to that good old question   Extensive, very extensive, source of information   The place to relax with simple and clear Buddhist writings
https://www.buddhistinformation...   Good Introduction to the major traditions of Buddhism   More members, more contacts, same force.   Sensible site for sensible advice about the www   Straight from the Lion’s mouth. But is it prophecy or madness?   More forums for yet more Jediis   Education, education, education. For a price.   Good site for those wishing to embrace Islam   Answers and information on almost everything   Lots of interesting Buddhist things for interested Buddhists   Good resource for all things spiritual   Pagan goings-on in New England USA   Unitarian Universalist the Pagan way   Forum for enthusiastic Gnostics (with annoying advertising)   Serious archive for serious Gnostics   Pagan community (and mystical communications) on-line   Nondenominational or Interdenominational (Christianity) explained   Make donations and contributions to the Eternal World Television Network   Meditations by the very Catholic Don Schwager   Encyclopaedic and reverent information on Philosophy and Religion   Roger explains about Sun Turns   Give Roger-the-Good a chance to save the planet   The battle between General Electric and Christian Science as told by Edward Eugene Baskett   The fight against the Church of Scientology goes on and on and on   A perfect start for all thing Baha'i   Atlantis found (and found again) and explained at length   Good solid site for sensible witches
https://www.archbishopofcanterb...   All about the Archbishop of Canterbury (obviously)   Church of England? The title says it all.
https://www.gospelassemblyfree....   Rambling personal views with added criticism.   The answers to: What is Theravada Buddhism?   Small and pretty church in Lancaster, PA with email connections and good car parking. Nice ste.   New site promoting the Dark Side
https://www.demonstrationbootle...   Promoting hard-to-find music and hard-to-like art.   Templar myths and codes explained by Mitth The Templar   The Jedi Creed according to Relan Volkum   Grass Roots Salvation Army website
https://www.armybarmy/com/JAC   Articles, interviews and discussion by Salvationsits, for Salvationists   Go to United Kingdom Headquarters   Go to International Headquarters
https://www.LAMBSROAR.COM   Help site for abused witnesses   More information on Christian Mystic Philosophy from the Rosicrucian Fellowship   Points of view from the home site   The science of liberation explained
https://correiorosacruz.netfirm...   A short (2,500 word) history on the Prolific Max.
https://www.watchtowerinformati...   Watching the Witnesses, with good links and good intentions   Everything for every Baptist   News from Sunny Florida   More on Pat Roberson   Pat Roberson makes his points   Still reorganising
https://www.heavenhellpurgatory...   More enigmatic homilies on Heaven, Hell and Purgatory   A lighthearted look at those tricky alternatives.   Having some serious fun in a good cause   Ex-Premie site for airing grievances.   Everything about all things Satanic   'Troth' is 'loyalty' to pre-Christian religions, Norse gods and Germanic heritage.   Latter-Day-Saints? Mormons? you choose   New religion searching for the True Inner Self   Solid site for serious Jediis   Not so much a religion, more a way of life
https://www.jeditemple.freehost...   New Site, new mission   Reforming the Jedi way   More forums than facts   The Rajneeshes have their say   Another alternative
https://www.religioustolerance....   Another informed witness for the case
https://www.religioustolerance....   More warnings
https://www.religioustolerance....   Toleration with reservations   United home-team site   More on the Bahai Faith   An initiative by individual Baha’is to explain more of the faith   Human interest story of (opposing) views   A personal site providing personal information for enquiring Christians and non-Christians   More on the Sirius Mystery   Alternative viewpoints unless, of course …….   For The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order   Entry level to Comparative Religions   Spiritual communications across the great divide.   Information according to the Home Team.

This is an amazing website for anyone wanted to explore their faith. It has been recreated and rebirthed by HistoryX