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What's it all about?

      The Amish started life in Europe in the late 17th century but from about 1720 onwards found a new and better home in North America.
      Things have never been easy for them, and like all minority groups, they have and continue to suffer from endless persecution and constant misunderstanding.
      It is the simple life for the Amish, the simple following of (certain carefully picked) biblical strictures, a lot of very hard work, a rigid policy of non-aggression, and the adherence to a medieval European rural costume.

      This simple and conservative outlook should produce near perfect happiness for the believing Amish.
      That it falls far short of that happiness is the result of all that misunderstanding and persecution from the rest of the so-called civilised world.


Roots:Christian: Protestant, Anabaptists, Mennonites.
Location:Origin: Switzerland. Present Day: North America and Canada (and almost) World-Wide.
Top God:God, the Christian one.
Running Time:Approximately 350 years. From the late 1600's.
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