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What's it all about?

     The Ähmadiyah Sect are Islamic by nature, they are just over a hundred years old, and hold the Prophet Muhammad as the figurehead.
     And, if nobody minds too much, the founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his son would also like to be considered amongst the prophets.

     The Ähmadiyah started life in the Punjab, India and now they are alive and fairly well in Pakistan, Northern India, Egypt, Europe and some of the Americas.
     They are in the missionary and conversion business, and although they do not have a great deal of political influence, they do have a bit of money tucked away and their main aim is to try to persuade the impressionable to take up their particular brand of Islamic Faith.
     Mostly without success.


Roots:Islam - Breakaway Movement.
Location:Started in India and Pakistan. Now spreading slowly.
Top God:Allah (and Muhammad).
Running Time:Approx. 100 years: Started in 1889.
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