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What's it all about?

     The Akan believe in Gods - lots and lots of them, and that different Gods are responsible for different Earthly phenomena, like the rain, animals plants and thing that sting in the night. The Akans firmly believe that their Gods have achieved a balance, and that the job of the Akan is to maintain that balance.
     The gods however are not alone as they get quite a bit of help from spirits both good and evil.

     These spirits require a lot of reverence and good deal of caution from the Akans and it follows that there are a good number of established ways for dealing with them.
     For the Akan the human spirit, like time itself, exists forever because time (as the Western World knows it) has no meaning.
     This puts a guarantee on Akan life-after-death and with the (truly revered) ancestors always 'there in spirit' the Akans know there just has to be a real meaning of life.

     The true meaning may elude them - but they know there is one.


Top God:Nyame.
Running Time:2000 years.
Status:Alive and well.
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