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Godulike's Comment

     World domination will not come easily to The Ähmadiyah Sect, nobody likes them, they have little originality and would appear to have absolutely no fun.
     They are not going anywhere in the evolutionary sense and they are no-hopers when it comes to the world stage.
     They rely on Islam for their God, have no real influence on world events, have very few answers and apart from the sun-staring-and-falling-over-trick have no originality, but as that is what they have chosen that must be the way they like it.

     What they do have however, is a comfortable mix of faiths that pleases most of them most of the time.


  • Godulike thanks T.S. Khwaja for the following and some suggested links.
    From what I have gathered, the information provided by link you provided* is completely factual apart from two small details.
    The first is that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did not claim to be the last prophet of God.   In fact we believe that, in principle at least, the coming of a Prophet can not be ruled out.   It can be inferred from study of religious history that whenever regions lacked sincere believers in God, He chose a Prophet among His servants for that region.
    This has been the course of history from time immemorial. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent not for a region but for the whole world at a time when it lacked sufficient servants.   After him, we believe a Prophet may be chosen by God . one who will be a servant to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and neither add nor delete to the original rules and regulations he set.   For that reason (and many more) we do not believe Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to be the last Prophet.   And, naturally, we can not and do not believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be the last.
  • The link we provided:
    T.S. Khwaja suggested: which we recommend.

  • Godulike thanks Rayhaan Sahib for the following
    1. The founder and his son are not prophets.
    2. Muhammad is not god, only the last and most important prophet


  • Roots:Islam - Breakaway Movement.
    Location:Started in India and Pakistan. Now spreading slowly.
    Top God:Allah (and Muhammad).
    Running Time:Approx. 100 years: Started in 1889.
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