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Who is God: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Faith Business But Were Too Confused To Ask
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What's it all about?

          This is where the don't-knows have their say.
          Not just the 'don't know, don't care' people who truly neither know nor care about almost anything, but the real don't-knows who have thought long and hard about the most difficult of theological subjects and have not (yet) come up with any satisfactory answers.
          These folk are not Atheists [see Atheism] they do not deny the existence of God but they have no time for wishy-washy metaphysical ramblings based simply on hope and faith.
          They will follow the logic of reason and proof but if proof is supported only by faith then, logically, there is no reason to believe in it any more.

         They are nothing if not logical.


Roots:The original 'don't knows'. Born from the theories of Charles Darwin's Natural Selection. Started by Thomas Henry Huxley in London UK
Location:Wherever people don't know.
Top God:Still waiting for proof.
Running Time:Ever since people asked: who, what and why. Officially: from 1869
Status:Still waiting for proof.
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This is an amazing website for anyone wanted to explore their faith. It has been recreated and rebirthed by HistoryX