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      All minority groups suffer and the Amish, suffering as they do from the intolerance of modern times, are no exception.
      They stand out in the world of today as archaic Luddites. They drive horses rather than cars and all look like they still live in the Europe of the sixteen and seventeen hundreds.
      That a America with all its liberal preaching, who accept and adopt new wave emerging cults with the sort of fanatical fury usually reserved for the AFL playoffs, has the crass impudence to criticise a community that has been in existence since before America was even thought of, is proof that the Greatest Nation On Earth has got some way to go before it discovers the true meaning of tolerance.

      The Amish may be obscure and misunderstood but they are not going to duck their responsibility for what they are and what they believe in.
      One of their greatest strengths of is their policy of non-aggression. This simple constant in an ever changing world has for them, great significance and should, for every society, show there can be honour without conflict.
      The Amish believe that their firm ideals will overcome ephemeral beliefs, and that the firmer the ideal the more chance it has of hanging on in the face of change.

      And as the one certainty of social evolution is continuing change, they will have many more chances to test the limits of tolerance and understanding.


  • Godulike thanks Hanna for the following:
    Your information is completly wrong the Amish started in 1525.   Not the late 17th century.  The first paragraph I read everything was wrong.   May I suggest som serious change.[sic]
  • Godulike says: This from the Mennonite History of Canada
    The Mennonite elder, Jakob Ammann, was a native of Erlenbach in the Simme Valley south of Thun, canton of Bern, Switzerland. He founded the Amish branch of the Mennonites through a schism which he occasioned in 1693 in the Emmental, canton of Bern.


  • Roots:Christian: Protestant, Anabaptists, Mennonites.
    Location:Origin: Switzerland. Present Day: North America and Canada (and almost) World-Wide.
    Top God:God, the Christian one.
    Running Time:Approximately 350 years. From the late 1600's.
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