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      With no knowledge or experience of the big picture, the Inuit had no reason to believe that anywhere else would be any different to their own surroundings.   Unfortunately no one told the Inuit that the weather got considerably warmer further south.
      No one explained this for the quite understandable reason that no one from the warmer south had any cause to trek thousands of miles through frozen wastelands on the off chance that anyone would be there or be pleased to see them when they got there.   Even if they did take along their holiday photographs of palm trees on tropical beaches.

      But the days when the sky was clear of nuclear fall out and the ozone layer still gave protection have gone forever.
      The twin evils of exploitation of the land and corruption of the indigenous population with false promises and contagious diseases are rapidly putting the Inuit into the past tense.   In the same way that explorers have happily been putting (usually their own) names on maps ever since maps were thought of, anthropologists have happily been drawing thick black lines around land that does not belong to them or anyone else.
      Countries lay claim to vast areas of land and multinational companies classify virgin land as ‘waste’ and then sell it for vast sums of money to developers and industrialists for exploitation of its natural resources.

      In the race to destroy one of the last remaining wildernesses of the planet, it will a close run thing between the exploitation or continued global warming and it is no real comfort to know that only thing that will give the Inuit peoples another chance is a new and deep ice age.


  • The breaking news in March of 2004 is that Sedna has been discovered.
    She is currently hanging around with a bunch of rocks approximately eight billion, forty three million, three hundred and eighty nine thousand, six hundred and four kilometres* from Mount Palomar (in southern California) where she was discovered.   And named.
    Which is a long way from the cold seas of the earthly Arctic.


  • Godulike thanks Lillian for the following:
    'My people's religion is more than just protecting the balance between man and nature, we also have rules on how we should treat each other and ourselves.   We also believe that there is a moon goddess, female, and a sun god, male.   There is also a head spirit (animal god) for all the animals.   The spirit or soul is housed in the eye, usually the left, and the soul lives on and is reborn.
    I am sorry to hear that you think we are being erased by Americans and the industrialism.   In fact, it was you guys who stopped us from all the wars we kept on having, gave us food, and a connection with the rest of the world.   Yes, there was people killed by diseases, alcohol etc. but at least now people know that we did exist at one point.
    We are more animism then one god centred.   All animal gods must be pleased to give us abundant food because the world is viewed as hostile.   This is the main reason for animals masks and the enacted stories we do at the gatherings and feasts.   I was told that we learned from them as they learned from us, that we could be reborn as them and they reborn as humans.
    Most of our religion is based on pleasing these gods, only a few times a year did we have a celebration for the mother of the sea.   Our religion doesn't stop at the end of the celebration, it is shown and reinforced in everything we do from cooking, sewing, hunting, to how we treat each other and elders.'


  • Roots:Original.
    Location:Originated from the Aleutian Islands. Most Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions from Siberia through Greenland to Alaska (but long before they had names like Siberia, Greenland, Alaska and Aleutian). .
    Top God:Unnecessary - life is tough enough. However, Sedna is acknowledged as the Goddess of the Sea.
    Running Time:About 7,000 years.
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