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Godulike's Comment

     The Akans are another group who are not front runners in the race to rule the world but in terms of 'philosophy of life' they reasonably content, and at least they have pretty names for their Gods.
     They have struck an even balance between the Good the Bad and the Don't-Knows, and they, like most African religions have come to terms with the Earth around them.
     That however gives no great cause for celebration.

     To credit gods with making rivers flow downhill, growing trees or making the sun shine does no real credit to either the gods or the believers. Their belief in life-after-death is unshakeable but sadly the actual details are unclear.
     As this is the only certain thing in life, it should be a subject they all want to know a bit more about and if ignorance today points to a past fear of asking, then there are more things on the 'wrong' side of the score sheet than the 'right' one.


Top God:Nyame.
Running Time:2000 years.
Status:Alive and well.
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