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Atheists can never be accused of sitting on some high moral fence wondering which way to jump. Atheists have made the jump and have landed in the land of logic and proof.
As no one can satisfactorily prove that god exists then, obviously, say the Atheists, he does not exist.

For the Atheist there is no god, no supernatural creator being, no angels, no devil and a very close to zero chance of an after-life.
Atheists are wrongly accused of being Agnostics. Agnostics are the folk who have made that high moral fence their permanent home and say that just because there is no proof - in fact precisely because there is no proof - they are not going to make a decision on the existence of god one way or the other. Agnostics don't know.
They really really don't know. [See Agnostics].

Atheists believe that any discussion of things theological will never make any kind of sense. Hence the word nonsense. And almost needless to say, god does not get a capital letter.


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