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What's it all about?

     This is one of the largest of the alternative Pentecostal movements.
     It has evangelical Christian roots, Pentecostal traditions and a good helping of xenolalia and glossolalia (unintelligible gibberish).
     And it has faith - there is a God, there will be a second coming and the believers will live with Christ forever.

     Their membership is in the millions, they run colleges and missionary programmes and try their best to promote love of God and understanding of the all the best Christian ethics.
     Meanwhile they are desperately trying to live down the sexual improprieties and financial misconduct of two Jims.


Roots:Christian, Baptist, Pentecostal.
Location:Originally: Malvern, Arkansas USA.
Top God:God, the Christian one.
Running Time:Born on April 2nd 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
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