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All the atheists have done is to step back a couple of paces from the majority viewpoint and ask the simple question 'Is it true?' and 'Can you prove it?'
For the vast majority of believers, proof of the existence of any God is unnecessary - it is good enough to simply say 'I believe'.
For the Atheist the fact that there is no proof of the existence of God is all the proof they need to justify their position.


  • Godulike thanks Con Gusto for the following:
    It is not that Atheists don't believe in god, it is that they don't believe in any gods. After all, Christians, Jews and Muslims don't believe in Mazda, Jupiter or Ganesh, or indeed any of a huge number of gods, and neither do Atheists.
    Atheists don't believe in almost all the same gods that Christians (and Muslims and Jews) don't believe in, just that Atheists believe in one fewer!

  • Godulike thanks Landis Schmitt for the following:
    ‘The vast majority of atheist do not say there is no god! If you study atheism, you will see that we say the burden of proof is on the theist and until the theist comes up with proof, we will not believe in a God but we do not state that there is no god!
    Agnostics are atheist who just can't handle the public disdain for non-belief so they invented agnosticism as a way to avoid being called atheist.
    Atheism is not a religion! It is merely a lack of belief in a God or Gods and that is the only thing atheist have in common.
    You can be a Buddhist and an Atheist, you can be humanist and an atheist or you can be a right wing a****** but you just aren’t convinced that the religious idiots have gotten it right. Calling atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair colour.’

  • Godulike thanks Gambit for the following. This is reproduced in full to avoid any confusion:
    ‘There are really two types of atheism: negative (or weak) and positive (or strong). Negative atheists simply don't believe in a god meaning that they don't put their faith and reverence into a god but don't necessarily say that a god doesn’t exist.
    Positive atheists on the other hand not only don't believe in a god but they outright deny the existence of one altogether.
    Now, this is all different from agnosticism. Atheism / theism is based on emotion where agnosticism / gnosticism is based on knowledge. Someone can be a negative atheist and an agnostic and even a Buddhist as well. (On the other hand, I suppose someone could be a positive atheist and a Gnostic. I think.)
    Atheism is a component of a religion and not a religion in and of itself (much like a creation story, which a religion like Buddhism or Taoism don't, to the best of my knowledge, have). After all, theism is not a religion either. And the same goes for agnosticism and gnosticism.’

    Godulike says: …er… thanks Gambit.


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