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Godulike's Comment

     Without doubt an assembly is one of the very best names to call a religious organisation. It is difficult to define, it is difficult to fight and by any definition it is a thing of many parts.
     It is a simple recipe: first take lots and lots of slightly different people. Allow them to believe in very slightly different versions of the same things, do not impose strict rules, and best of all, allow them to interpret complete gibberish in what ever way suites them best.
     Then find a name with no threat. A comfort name. Call it - an Assembly.

     An assembly will never rule the world, there would be too many of them, which is something that always comes as a great comfort to the odd despotic dictator.
     It also comes as a great comfort to the Assemblies of God. There are still a lot of them, they still have money and they still have those two strange recruiting tools. They have tried tele-evangelising, they have had their problems and they suffered.
     But they have emerged, they may be bruised but they are not broken. They have their faith and there are just too many of them to be dismissed lightly.
     However much others may try.


  • Godulike acknowledges that Jim Hughes is perfectly entitled to submit the following:
    You have no faith to make such sarcastic comments about a sovereign move of God upon a people known as the Assemblies of God.   And to pick out two men who have failed and present them to the public as examples of this movement.   You have not done your research to make such a foolish comment.
    There are many Godly men whom you do not know or never will, that have propogated the gospel in an infallable way for the furtherence of the Kingdom of God.
    Your comments are not injurious to a movement but to God.  Therefore, you need a faith change.
  • Godulike says: If there are any factual errors we will be happy to make the changes, however the clue is in the word …… ‘Irreverent’.

  • Godulike thanks Kelly who has suggested the link to [see LINKS] for the perfectly good reason that:
    Those interested can find a lot of information on that site since your information is limited and biased.

  • Godulike thanks Juan for his comment that:
    'The Assemblies of God are a show group, which talk about Jesus yet miss his message.'

  • Godulike thanks Tom for pointing out that:
    ‘Pat Roberston, occasional presidential candidate, is the host (and founder of the 700 club)’ And that Jim Bakker was ‘a founder and chief at the PTL cable network.’
    We have adjusted our copy accordingly.

  • Godulike thanks Jim Davis * for more information on Mr P Robertson who, he says:
    .was ordained a Southern Baptist minister, though he resigned it in order to run for U.S. president. He was re-ordained in 2000, when a group of fellow ministers laid hands on him, and among them was Thomas Trask, chief executive of the Assemblies of God.   But the group also included an Episcopal bishop and a Pentecostal Holiness historian.
    In sum, although Robertson’s theology may be close to that of the Assembly of God, I’ve never heard that he was himself a member.

  • And this from Robertson’s own website (which can be accessed from our own links):
    Marion Gordon (Pat) Robertson is the leading religious broadcaster in the U.S. His success has made him not only a television celebrity, but a successful media owner, a well known philanthropist and a respected Conservative spokesman.

    * James Davis is the religion editor of the Sun-Sentinel. Fl. (Also available through via our links).


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