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Godulike's Comment

       Tom and the Agnostics should have been credited with originating the phrase 'what you see is what you get'. They were not mad fanatics and whenever pushed to the limits of their own explanations, and they very often were, they could be relied upon to fall back on the only really true answer: 'I really, really don't know'.

       If a thing could be seen, heard, touched, smelt then it could be described and understood. Such a thing, obviously, existed.
       If a thing (such as God) could not be seen, heard, touched etcetera then it followed that it could neither be described nor understood.
       This was bad news for all the established religions who, naturally, saw logic and common sense as a real threat to dogma and faith, but good news for the 'don't knows' who now had something cleaver to call themselves.

       If there is a God, and he did suddenly appear to prove it, then he could do a lot worse than to call at the Agnostics door first.


  • Godulike thanks Fran for pointing out the full and correct title of Darwin's famous book.

  • Godulike thanks Virgilio Batang for the question: ‘Am I Agnostic?’
    Virgilio explains further: ‘I believe that religion is the cause of HUMAN MISERY (the propagator aka as priest, preacher's, imam etc) they created god in their own image (of course they use god as a tool to scare the wits out of the ignorant so that they would part with their contributions and also they don't believe in god of course).
    The so called praying is for show.’


  • Roots:The original 'don't knows'. Born from the theories of Charles Darwin's Natural Selection. Started by Thomas Henry Huxley in London UK
    Location:Wherever people don't know.
    Top God:Still waiting for proof.
    Running Time:Ever since people asked: who, what and why. Officially: from 1869
    Status:Still waiting for proof.
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