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Who are these people and what do they believe in?

      The Anti-Cultists have set themselves up as a co-ordinated response force to any and every new, oddball, teenage-snatching, promise-everything cult, that starts up.
      Unfortunately, by the very nature of the problem, they find themselves having to go in after the event to try and rescue children and friends from what was sold to them as a 'better life'.
      To most people all this is of no concern whatsoever and it is only when a distraught family is suddenly faced with th sudden loss of a loved one that it is time to call in the Anti's.
      There are many people in FREECOG and the associate organisations who have come out from the cults and have valuable inside knowledge. These are the helpers who see any dogmatic attitude as dangerous and will do their best to rescue the runaways (if they can find them) and carefully explain to them the meaning of bigoted tyranny.
      These are the good guys.

      On the darker side there are those from the modern Evangelical Christian heavyweights, who see an opportunity to re-convert those that have strayed.
      If the 'crazies' can convert then surely the Evangelicals (with God on their side) can re-convert.
      These are the bad guys.

      In 1980 there were over 1,500 alternative religions, sects, movements or groups in the United States alone, and by the year 2000 it is estimated to be 2000.
      This is seen as a (more or less) stable peak, the observation being that firstly, they come - and then they go, and secondly that from now on, no one can think up any new and catchy names.
      This may all sound rather ominous for the concerned parents, but with the history of the world to look back on (and histories' habit of repeating itself) that - as they say - is life.
      Every religion has had its opponents, even the Christians had a tough time getting started and the Christians in their turn persecuted the Jews unmercifully for hundreds of years.
      The beliefs of the Anticultists are wide and various but not, in this case, the point. They are simply united in what they see as a just cause to redress a balance.

      All attractions have their opposites and The Anti-Cult Movement is no exception. There is now an Anti-Anti-Cult-Movement. This is made up of folks from the Cults and the more radical and active of the civil liberties and religious freedom brigade who do their best to outwit the Anticultists.

      On the world score sheet of worthy causes the Anticultists must find themselves very near the top, but just behind A for the Antis is A for apathy and as many have discovered, from the top there is only one way to go.


Roots:Born out of opposition to almost everything, especially Cults.
Location:USA. becoming world-wide.
Top God:God, that is any of the 'real' ones.
Running Time:In Theory: Forever. In Practice: Approximately 60 years
Status:Busy, busy, busy.
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