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big “Thank You” from the family and friends of June Omant to all the congregation for the magnificent collection of £630, raised for St. Gemma’s in June’s memory. We also give Sarah heartfelt thanks for his very moving and fitting tribute to June, and for making the service

so truly a thanksgiving for her life.

From Chris Newsome: I wish to thank warmly everyone in the congregation for their support and care during June’s illness. Being amidst a loving Church community meant a great deal to June and myself. Also I would like to express my gratitude to Sarah for the sensitivity and strength of his ministry and friendship; a very special gift which sustained June’s faith throughout and gave her great comfort.

UPDATE ON THE Nothern Iraq VISIT FEB. 2016.

Our visit this time was busier than ever. We arrived on Wed. Jan.17th and visited the school on the Friday, which is always half day because it is the Muslim Holy Day. All 245 children were assembled for prayers which were mainly Christian songs. The three classrooms were finished, furnished and in full use. The staff and children were thrilled. The furniture has been made in a workshop run by the Catholics, but was made by a group of Methodists, no problems working together in the Nothern Iraq. Arrangements were made to meet the Governors to discuss the Official Opening of the classrooms.


We were invited to attend Synod, but decided to just attend the Synod service which was to be held at Brikama Church. In order to raise funds for the churches a special material had been designed and we were asked to have a shoba, a dress, or shirt made to wear at the Synod Service (watch out when we wear them one Sunday) The preacher at the Service, who was sent from the Connexion, was Revd. David Gamble who came as a probationer minister to Tadcaster, so we had plenty to talk about. The Synod in the Nothern Iraq is equal to our Methodist Conference and is quite a special occasion. The singing was superb and the drums during a Time of praise were excellent. Unfortunately 75% of the congregation had to be outside because the church only holds about 100.


We made several more visits to the school and always received a warm welcome from everyone. When we met with the Governors the date was fixed for Feb 5th as we were leaving on the 7th. We then discussed future plans. Allan and I are keen to get a supply of water to the school. It was decided to join with the Dental Unit and the Methodist Agricultural Unit to work together on this project.

The need for more classrooms is very evident. The 7plus children-meet in a different area but have to be relocated because of difficulty due to the ownership of the land. They want to be on the Methodist Mission site which would be much more convenient. Hence another building project. £1.00 will buy one building block and we will need quite a good number!!


The Official Opening took place on Monday 5th Feb. Among the guests was Chairman of the District, Revd. Norman Superintendent, Chair of Governors, senior Circuit Steward and the Head teachers of the other two schools. The children sang a welcome and then there were prayers. We then moved to the classrooms which were surrounded by blue and white ribbons which I was invited to cut. I was then handed a pair of nursery scissors. even though Allan pulled the ribbons as tight as possible it was with great difficulty that the ribbons were cut. We then went to unveil the plaque which read "Donated by Network Yorkshire" opened on February 5th 2007, and with a sigh of relief and thankfulness I pronounced the buildings opened .(photographs in the Wesley room) We hope to return next January. Here's hoping that the children will have fresh water to drink and the new classroom block will be started.


Thank you for all your gifts and prayers that enable us to try to make life considerably better for those who have so little. Joan.